Porsche Designed Bobsleigh

If you are bored of using the traditional sleds and are looking for something new and stylish and are ready to shell in a lot of money, then Porsche Designed Bobsleigh is what you should be buying. This is not the first venture from Porsche who have come up with an aluminium sled a few years back.

Porsche Designed Bobsleigh has been designed after a pair of parabolic skis and is extremely light in weight as it is 8.8 lbs. It is very technologically advanced havingĀ  better steering capacity. The seat includes a concave design and handles are placed at good angles for convenience of the user.

Porsche Designed Bobsleigh is equipped with precisely designed camber angle for keeping the surface contact at the edge of the runner for the convenience in maneuvering. It takes very little effort to just move it and go for a quick steer or slowing down.

Porsche Designed Bobsleigh is priced at two hundred and sixty dollars going by the designer brand name. It has a directional stability, a low center of gravity and good braking sytem and comes in a stylish storage bag. Another feature that adds to the credibility is that it has also met German safety standards.

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