Rage HD Review

In the Rage HD Review the first thing that comes to mind is the most amazing and spectacular graphics. This videogame can be played on Apple’s iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 and iPad. One look at the screenshot is enough to know the kind of detailing that has been shown in this game.

The Rage HD Review suggests that in this game, there are three levels and the gamers have to go through the game shooter maze, shooting whatever comes in front of them and go on collecting the bonus. There are three weapons provided, piston, assault rifle and shotgun.

It is important that the gamers know from Rage HD Review that this game requires them to aim, shoot and repeat. All the movement is cramped except for a dodge command. In this game, the aiming has to be done by placing a finger on the screen and moving it to turn it and then pressing of fire button for shooting.

The thing which many gamers will not like is manual turning of screen which may become really annoying. This game is very fast paced and immensely engaging but it has only three levels and so in the Rage HD Review it can be said that the game play is short but still very exciting with money, ammunition and health factors for the player.

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