Roku XD (2050X)

Roku XD (2050X)

If you are looking for a multimedia receiver that offers video and optical audio output then Roku XD (2050X) is not eth right choice as it lacks the above features. You can consider other versions of Roku XD (2050X) like the Roku HD or Roku XDS. Additional features like a USB port with future media playback is lacking in the multimedia device and it offers only a single band 802.11 n Wi- Fi.

If you are looking for dual band options the you must take a look at Roku XDS that is priced at $ 99.99.But if you are looking for basic multimedia receiver that is low key and low budget the Roku XD (2050X) will save you some money that it is an inexpensive device as compared to other options but it is also associated with various flaws when trying to connect with the network.

The customer support service is excellent and in case of any problems in the device the piece is immediately fixed and returned to the customer. There are many users who describe it as an excellent TV gadget thatĀ  has a stereo audio output mode and it can be controlled with the remote. Thus if you are looking forĀ  a low budget version of Roku multimedia players then Roku XD (2050X) would be the best choice.

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