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Heavy Rain Game

A still from Heavy Rain Game

According to a common notion, video games are mostly concentrated around mindless violence and warfare, and lack of consistent script. The Heavy Rain game breaks the ice and dares to differentiate from the video game rat race, by offering you the main role in the famous movie Noir Genre. The gamer has a chance to step into the boots of the main character, as the developers of the game have offered a variation for the regular aiming and shooting tasks to performing other tasks like helping the character clean his teeth and grooming himself.

The game is a must have on the list of many movie buffs as the script of the Heavy Rain game literally puts you under the skin of the main character Mars. One can have some real life experiences as Mars’s son dies when visiting a mall and; Mars is devastated and he ends up in a lonely apartment, divorced alone and missing his children. The story then takes a new turn as a new shady character called Origami serial killer is introduced in the film.

The Heavy Rain game then introduces the gamers to a photographer called Madison Paige who is an insomniac, an FBI agent Norman Jaden and the private detective Scott Shelby. The Heavy Rain game now concentrates on finding the serial killer who has kidnapped Mars’s second son and they decide let him live till the rainfall level reaches the 6 inches mark. The Heavy Rain Game has some unnerving and anxious moments that bring the gamers to the edge of their seats as they feel an urgency to protect the cause of the protagonist character in the game.

Gamers often complain that the controls of the game are too complicated as one has to hold many keys at the same time and this can hold you back from reaching the target of the game plan. But, many suggest that as one gets a hang of the key controls, the Heavy Rain game can be very addicting as it leads you through some of the most harrowing experiences that will astonish and wow the audiences while the script of the movie game unfolds itself. The game is highly recommended for gamers who already have a PS3 and can upload the screenshots of the game to the YouTube to brag about some of your latest achievements. It is only through constant practice that one can learn to use the complicated controls of the Heavy Rain game.

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