Samsung Go N310

Samsung Go N310

Samsung Go N310

All the net books available in the market look the same, even their components are the same. All you have to do is put in a Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB RAM, a 160GB hard drive and a copy of windows XP and Voila you have a Net book that you can brand as a Dell Net book, Acer Net book or even a HP product.

The only difference that sets the Samsung Go N310 apart from the world of clones is its packaging. The colors are vibrant and they have a plastic shell finishing which is a welcome change from its dull counterparts.

The look is like that of some of the vintage home appliances and though it is overpriced many consumers may still buy it as it is more visually appealing. It has been found to be lacking in terms of HD display or a 3 G antenna. The processor is available at 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 and it has a memory of 1GB, 800 MHz DDR2.It has a hard drive of 250GB 5,400rpm and the chip set is Mobil Intel 945 GSE. The graphics are amazing as usual and are provided by Intel GMS 950.

It supports operating system Windows XP Home SP3. The height of Samsung Go N310 comes to around 1.1 inches and the display is like any other net book. It is only 10.1 inches, and this may appear to be a little small for those users who are buying a netbook for the first time. But most users get used to it very soon and it is very convenient too.

The system weighs at 3.7 pounds and is easy to carry while traveling. It has an excellent battery life and it is recommended for the avid user who is constantly on the move. It has a unique style and look and it has been designed by a world renowned Japanese artist. It is a sight for sore eyes as the smoothly rounded edges of the Samsung Go N310 look like a rounded clam shell case that feels to be hermetically sealed when folded shut.

But when opened, it takes to a new virtual world that is very amazing. The keyboard has widely spaced keys which is very convenient for typing. The Samsung Go N310 is better known for its unique rugged design and is ideal for the tech savvy geek who has an interest in art.

It has an excellent battery life, but the high end netbook has a very high price that seems unjustified when rated against performance. However, the Samsung Go N310 has been recognized for bringing a fresh wave of art in the tech world and it has defined the modern look for more netbooks to come. But if you don’t care about the high price, it will make an eye catching netbook if you want to travel in style.


  1. samsungwave owner

    Thanks for the superior article, so I have been a samsung user for roughly 5 years now, and I latterly upgraded from a samsung omnia i910 to the Samsung Wave and thus far I’m loving it! (I do leave out some features of my omnia even though) I’m from Halifax Nova Scotia in Canada, I used to be originally going to wait it out for the galaxy s to reach at the bell network but decided to shop for the wave as a substitute and shop myself $400.

  2. I am using the acer, and previously HP. But as you have described it seriously good, so I have to go for it and see what is the difference in this model and what i have used.

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