Samsung NF310 A01

Samsung NF310 A01 is an offering from the Samsung company who are known more for their manufacture of electronic appliances. This netbook has a display screen of 10 inches and a spacious keyboard. It uses a dual core Atom N550 CPU processor.

This Samsung NF310 A01 is a very sleek and stylish netbook but is on the heavier side and has a grey silver shiny surface. It works with a six cell battery that bulges on the bottom. The volume and brightness option works with combining function keys and there is no exclusive button for them.

The stereo speakers in a Samsung NF310 A01 are loud enough. The sound quality is not very clear but the videos and music can be enjoyed. There is also a webcam feature. The hard drive has a space for 250 GB. This laptop lacks in decent streaming of videos.

Samsung NF310 A01 has a thick body frame and there is an absence of High Definition Multimedia Interface. Also there is only 1 GB of RAM available with this model. It comes with a one year warranty. The performance of this netbook does not justify  the exhorbitant price for which it is being offered for sale.

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