Samsung Profile SCH-R580

Samsung Profile SCH-R580 does not offer any new feature and can be called an entry level messaging phone. The design is nothing out of ordinary and looks similar to other Samsung mobile devices.

Samsung Profile SCH-R580 has a 2.4 inch QVGA display and its body frame is smooth and a little slippery. It comes with a camera feature of 2 megapixel. The back cover has to be taken out for access to a microSD card slot.

The keyboard of a Samsung Profile SCH-R580 is also very spacious. This device includes a thousand entry address book and can accommodate contact name with many numbers along with email, caller group and photo option. Apart from polyphonic tunes available, a lot of other ringtones can be obtained from the online store of the U.S Cellular service.

Samsung Profile SCH-R580 also has feature of picture and video messaging apart from general text message. There is also availability of social networking choice with shortcuts for uploading pictures, videos and status updates.

The music player could be used with a memory card. The music quality is also average. Samsung Profile SCH-R580 comes with 100 MB of internal memory and it has an option of getting 16 GB of flash memory. This phone will appeal to those who are looking for standard features at an affordable price.

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