Samsung QX410-J01

Although Samsung is more popular for its HDTV technology as well as cellphones, but this new Samsung QX410-J01 will make it a bigger name in the computer and laptop manufacturing. This particular model comes with features like Intel Core i5 CPU, Nvidia GeForce 310M Optimus-enabled graphics and Intel Wireless Display.

The display screen of Samsung QX410-J01 is very sleek and design wise it has a premium feel to it. It comes at a price of $849 and has a memory of 4GB which can be expanded upto 8GB along with 640GB hard drive space.

Samsung QX410-J01 has a thin body and the battery fits well within the body without any bulge. It has a high screen elevation and has 14 inches of screen size. Keyboard doesn’t haveĀ  a backlit option. There is a multitouch touch pad feature in this laptop which is pretty responsive.

The LED display has a screen resolution of 1,366×768 pixels which is in the standard range in this size. Color as well as brightness features are just about okay. Stereo speaker volume is pretty good. Webcam has video resolution of 640×480 pixel. There are also standard ports in the laptop. Samsung QX410-J01 is a decent buy with the kind of features which give it a pricey look but in actual costs less.

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