Samsung SF510-A01

Samsung SF510-A01 laptop has a very appealing design that is affordable along with giving very good performance. The hard drive capacity is 500 GB and has a memory storage of 4 GB. It also includes a preloaded Intel Wireless Display as well as WiMax.

With a display screen of 15.6 inches, Samsung SF510-A01 is a big laptop. There is also a provision for integrated battery so there is no bulge in the design. The keyboard is wide and keys are spacious including a complete number pad. One very attractive option is the inclusion of a dedicated volume and mute button on top of the keyboard.

At the bottom of the keyboard of a Samsung SF510-A01 is a big multitouch clickpad that is touch sensitive in nature and along with that may even take up finger movements.

The sleek display of Samsung SF510-A01 has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and the video as well as text is pretty decent. With a budget laptop these features are good value for money. There is also a good quality webcam feature that has resolution of 640×480 pixels.

Speakers in the Samsung SF510-A01 are of average sound quality. This laptop is very useful for carrying out standard laptop functions like web browsing, email, games and streaming of videos etc. There is no dedicated graphic option for exclusive gaming. This laptop comes with a one year warranty.

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