Scary maze

Latest buzz among the youngsters is online gaming. Most of their conversations revolve around beating the other in a game or two and general show off.

Some guys have fun playing pranks on others through these games available online. One such prank game is scary maze.

A lot of people have played this game online and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Scary maze is a four level game where all you have to do is move a ball through a maze without touching the walls.

Towards the third level, the path becomes narrow and just when you focus on the task ahead, you get punked. This element of surprise gives the player a sudden jolt.

When playing scary maze the first time, the best part is the player’s reaction. It is priceless and should probably be captured on film.

Don’t forget to turn on the speakers for a better effect. People who love playing pranks have sent this game to their friends to know their take on it and to have fun at their expense.

Scary maze is a flash game and takes just a few minutes to play. It gives a sudden adrenaline rush.

Revealing the suspense will give away the actual purpose of scary maze and so it is best not to describe it and let people judge for themselves.

The internet is flooded with so many games like scary maze whose main purpose is to get crazy reactions from people. Give it a try and have fun.

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