Short condolence message

Although most of us dread writing a short condolence message with words of sympathy, yet it is important to extend our condolences if you care a

bout the person who has died and those that are left behind.

You can compose a short condolence message regardless of the situation. Here you can write something personal and appropriate each time. The secret to writing a short condolence message is sincerity.

There are times when you loosen up and dare to trust your instincts, you will be able to free the flow of words and be yourself and this is what really matters.

A Short condolence message means a great deal to people so much that the bereaved tend to keep them. Months or even years later the person may pull out the condolence messages and read them out, reread them and remember who took the time and effort to write.

There is a lot of anxiety involved in writing condolences that stems from misconceptions about the functional of a short note. The person writing the note usually feels that he has to does something to change what has happened try to reduce.

Since this is impossible and you feel helpless and writing a condolence message serves as a therapy in reducing pain.  Writing a condolence message is the best way to communicate with the bereaved that I am with you at this time of great loss and I care. The main challenge here to personalize your message as it reflects your sympathies.

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