Sony Cybershot DSC w330


Sony Cybershot DSC w330

If you are looking for a pocket camera that has some of the best features and is affordable too, then Sony Cybershot DSC w330 is the best choice, as the camera is streamlined in order to cut the costs of the product. Some of the most sought after features of the amazing Sony Cybershot DSC w330 include a price range that is affordable, pocket size dimensions and it weighs only 4.5 ounces. Although the camera lacks essential features like an adoption for panoramic view that is available with most Sony cameras, the video mode is of VGA quality but there is no optical stabilization technology in the camera.

The Sony Cybershot DSC w330 does not own any autofocus facility and one cannot adjust the light manually. The movie recordings are often inundated with noise and clarity is lacking. The camera does not possess the hallmark feature included in all Sony cameras known as the Bionz processing engine. The only advanced feature is the availability of larger display of images .The Sony Cybershot DSC w330 boasts of some of the latest pocket size versions of the camera available in a wide variety of hues.

There are silver, black and red versions that look fashionable and sleek. The camera can be easily carried around in trouser pockets or backpacks. The camera utilizes memory stick for storing the images and is enhanced with SD and SDHC cards. The slot that stocks the battery of the camera is secured. The battery may have to remove occasionally for charging. The Sony Cybershot DSC w330 has an internal memory that is very less and one needs to upload the photos very often in order to create space on the memory of the cyber camera.

The camera provides a variety of shooting options and the controls are easy to navigate. One needs to get a hang of the controls, before using the camera; as all other controls on the camera are easily manageable. The display is pretty large and bright and there is a zoom button on the top of the camera that can be adjusted with the touch of a thumb. The w330 is more popularly known as a snapshot pocket camera with VGA quality including a mic for audio and zooming for recording images.

There is an increasing competition between the two cameras produced by Sony as the DSC w350 differs from Sony Cybershot DSC w330 only in the range of display and the former costs higher than the latter. And it is more advisable to get the camera that has more features and is cost-effective too.

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