Sony HDR-CX520V

Sony HDR-CX520V

Sony HDR-CX520V

Sony HDR-CX520V is one of the more advanced devices that promised to offer much required interface enhancements unlike its predecessors, with some amazing high video quality and the hard drive performance.

Priced in the range $999.99-$1299.99 with dimensions 2.5×2.6×5.4 and weighing 15.8 ounces, the HDR-CX520V has got a memory flash of 64GB, and a 6-megapixel Exmor-R CMOS 1/2.88-inch sensor with HD recording with 1440×1080/60i at 9,7,5 Mbps.

The camcorder is relatively small as compared to other models from Sony but has got a solid construction and provides good comfort to the user while shooting videos. The 3-inch 230K-dot touch screen LCD can be looked for with playback, power, night shot and disc burn controls along with the button for GPS.

You can even find the mini-HDMI and USB slots plus the Memory Stick Duo slot just beneath the cover.

The zoom in the Sony HDR-CX520V is pretty well balanced and gives out 12x zoom with f1.8-3.4 aperture and 43-516mm focal length with good ease. You can find the accessory shoe under the sliding door and the 5.1 audio channel mic can be located just in front of the camcorder.

The navigation is revised as you can choose from six menu options on a custom menu for different options for video, playback and still modes, unlike the traditional menu system.

Though there is no geotagging and map data in the current version, but the NAVTEQ’s class data provide embedded maps in the camcorder itself and connect to GPS satellites.

But other remarkable features in the Sony HDR-CX520V cannot be overlooked such as Smooth Slow Record that captures slow-motion videos, Face Touch used for detecting face and also the ability to up convert the 60p playback when it is connected to a TV through HDMI and down convert to MPEG-2 for direct-to-DVD transfers.

The video might not be termed as perfect but it produces good effect overall to the user, with good automatic white balance adjustments, the color rendering and the audio sounds.

Although you would not find the EVF and the audio jacks, but if the high quality video is all that you prefer in a compact structure, then Sony HDR-CX520V is definitely a good option at this price level.

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