Sony PSP Go a Slim and portable gaming handset

sony psp go

Sony PSP Go

Sony PSP Go is a sleek and classic screen that comes with a slimmer version of PSP console. There is an added expansion slot available for adding external memory. There is Bluetooth technology that is effectively converged with PS3 technology. The console is the best choice for most gamers who hate to carry heavy gaming consoles and one can also control the point of access to the game. Although the Sony PSP Go looks nice and is a slimmer version of the previous model, it is very expensive and is not preferred for up gradation.

The PSP Go is an enhanced version of the hand held gaming console of the yesteryear. Some of the most amazing features include slide out controls combined with an all and sleek architectural design of the portable Sony PSP Go. On the flip side, Sony faces competition from biggies like Apple and Touch that have already brought forth casual gaming devices. As Sony PSP Go surges ahead of the rat race, it is fast gaining popularity as a digital download based system.

Available in black and white version, the Sony PSP Go has undergone a complete makeover and in fact; it has been touted as a fashionable gaming console. The redesigning has been aimed at reducing the size of the PSP console and making it slimmer than all there other previous versions of PSP. The Sony PSP Go lacks a UMD slot for external memory and all the frames and multimedia files can be accessed only with the 16 GB of internal storage. PSP also comes equipped with a M2 Memory stick and this feature is highly recommended for most gamers, who like to download new software in order to keep abreast of some of the latest versions of the video games. As there is an increasing demand for sequels of classic games, the Sony PSP developers have taken a step towards creating gaming consoles that have enough space to download and store the games.

The operating system on Sony PSP Go has been modified to meet the needs of the expert gamers as they can easily select an option to freeze the game and resume at a later time This feature is highly rated in the gaming arena where every second is crucial for the gamers. While using the Sony PSP Go version one can manually gauge the battery life. Most gamers opine that PSP Go needs to be upgraded in order to outsmart PSP 300 model that is equally cost effective with more offerings.

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