Sony PSP Go white


sony psp go-white

Sony dares all gamers with its new version of PSP gaming consoles – The invincible Sony PSP Go white. But, if you already have a Sony PSP gaming console, then you should think twice before buying the new product. Sony PSP Go has its own set of pros and cons, as it appeals to the modern generation with it’s sleek and slim design that is very pocket friendly but not so user friendly. The software of the gaming console is worth praising, as it has been created by a team of expert developers, creating a masterpiece that has come of the state of the art high tech games. It also represents the hall mark graphics and powerful game play that comes with all PSP consoles.

Sony PSP Go white is definitely not worth the $250, even with the aesthetic design and technology. The consumer market is yet to test the several PSP Minis and non gaming applications those are still in the pipeline. But in reality the PSP 3000 that is available at just $170 has stolen the limelight from it’s successor and Sony has to work very hard in its marketing strategies in order to increase the sales figures of Sony PSP Go white.

It definitely needs upgrading in terms of the play station experience and needs all the tiles available with PSP platform in order to make it more attractive than its predecessor. And even if this does not seem to work, Sony should consider bringing down the price of Sony PSP Go white, in order to make it available to the low budget gamers. One would also recommend touch screen functionality in order to make it more appealing. In short, a little upgrade and fine tuning can take the Sony PSP go white to dizzying (gaming) heights?

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