Sony SMP-N100

Sony SMP-N100

The Sony SMP-N100 is a budget digital; multimedia receiver that is compatible with netflix, Pandora slacker apps, hulu plus, amaxon VOD and many more.

The Sony SMP-N100 comes with built in WI Fi technology and one can play their own media files through the DLNA network streaming or through the USB. Sony receiver supports Television and     analog video connections that can be controlled with the aid of the iphone applications.

The user interface requires additional work during the process of upgradation as the initial setup of the digital multimedia receiver does not include Wi Fi technology. It lacks some of the more advanced attributes that are critical for various browsing categories and it is a little bit more expensive.

But the Sony SMP-N100 is very much in high demand as it is the easiest to use and also offers some of the best features that are available in the market. But, Sony SMP-N100 has been touted as the most fully featured streamers that are available in the market.

But according to the user reviews Sony SMP-N100 is not easy to maneuver, but is has some of the best unparalleled features that is giving it rivals that are available in the streaming media boxes a run for their money.

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