Sony VAIO Y Series VPC-Y218FX

Sony VAIO Y Series VPC-Y218FX is a slim and lightweight laptop having a screen size of 13.3 inches. It is a very stylish model having a bright purple lid and round display hinges. The keyboard is very spacious and is chiclet styled.

There are two buttons placed on top of the keyboard of Sony VAIO Y Series VPC-Y218FX for different functions. One button is Vaio which displays an application wherein music, pictures and functions may be stored. The second button Assist helps in solving any problem encountered in the system.

Sony VAIO Y Series VPC-Y218FX has a touchpad feature but it doesn’t assist in multitouch movements which have become the norm nowadays in laptop technology. The color quality of the display is good and the videos come out pretty well. There are good connectivity features of this laptop considering in mind the size.

Sony VAIO Y Series VPC-Y218FX provides three USB ports, High Definition Media Interface and a standard VGA video port. There are abundant wireless options available. This laptop is very fragile and the battery life is also not sufficient. Apart from that it is expensive and may sell more on the style quotient than on performance.

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