T-Mobile Comet

T-Mobile Comet

A descendent from the Huawei ideos clan of low budget android phones, T-Mobile Comet comes with a compact design. It is an entry level Smartphone that has a lightweight contour and it is based on the 2.2 version of Android technology.

T-Mobile Comet is a wireless Smartphone that is known to possess excellent call quality. If you are looking for multitouch features in Comet, then it is better to be prepared for disappointment.

Moreover the display is very small there are many users who describe the functioning of T-Mobile Comet as being a little slow and one can also take a look at the various other smart phones available in the market before making a purchase decision.

Comet comes with a two year contract but if you are looking for prepaid options then you can get one by paying an amount of two hundred dollars.

If you are asked to say something about the Smartphone, you can talk about the excellent call quality and sleek contours and the low price range. According to the review units T-Mobile Comet showed signs of design malfunctions.

The transparent plastic sticker covering the navigation keys also peels off easily. But if you are looking for a budget Smartphone then T-Mobile Comet is the best choice.

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