Tron: Legacy Review

The first thing worth mentioning in the Tron: Legacy Review is that this movie is a treat to the eyes for watching a digital world that has not looked this real and the effects are really excellent.

But this new Tron is not as good as the classic Tron.The original movie was way better and believable. The plot in the new story revolves around Sam Flynn who is a 27 year old son of Kevin Flynn who is the original cast member from the cult movie. Sam goes in search of his father who disappeared and gets into the digital world of Tron which has been his father’s abode for 25 years. In Tron: Legacy Review it can be said that the characters are not well defined and lack depth.

In Tron: Legacy Review it can be said that the animation effect is magnificent and there are some fight sequences digitally reconstructed that are worth watching again and again. Not much can be said about the choreography.

As a concluding statement in the Tron: Legacy Review it can be said that this movie can be watched only for the special effects and in parts. The characters are not believable and the story falls flat.

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