Video Camera Spy Pen from Thanko

spy-pen_thankoWe have seen in movies where the good guy carries and exchanges the pen to capture the happenings in the bad guy’s life. But all this is just a fantasy for us.Does those spy pens really exists. Thanks to Thanko to answer that question. They have come with its latest gadget – Video Camera Spy Pen. It’s a slim and stylish pen containing equipments with which even Bond would be satisfied.

Everything that Thanko had in its previous devices is embodied in the new Video Camera Spy Pen and it claims to be even better with high quality than its previous gadgets. If you want to have one of these for yourself then you don’t have to wait for it to come out as the gadget is already available in Japan for 6,980 JPY (75.5 EUR or 55 USD).

Talking about the specifications, the Thanko Video Spy Camera Pen can shoot 736 x 576 video in .avi format at 19 to 22 frames per second. Thanko’s pen will wear the battery down before you exceed memory space. As of now the battery life is limited to 3 hours and internal memory is 2GB. You can also expand the memory if needed with MicroSDHC card to 10GB overall. The pen can be charged up using the USB. Photo shooting is done through the Spy Pen with a resolution of 1280 x 960 in .jpeg format. at the end of the day Thanko’s Video Camera Spy Pen is a pen after all it comes with a normal ball-point pen with 6 months warranty.


  1. Wow this is like in the movies

  2. Nice article , I’d say a new spy pen comes out every month!


    Good Job, prices just keep coming down on these and capacity increasing. 

  4. I believe you can now get spy pens with 16GB of internal memory , how you’d use that I dont know!

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