ViewSonic G Tablet

ViewSonic G Tablet is one of the few available tools having an android OS that has a screen size of ten inches. It looks as well as weighs almost the same as an iPad and can be a good choice for buying a tablet other than iPad.

The large screen of a ViewSonic G Tablet gives a better display of web pages. The screen has four touch buttons towards the right namely home, search, menu and back. On the upper side is a volume rocker. USB port, microSD card slot, power button etc are placed to the left. The speakers are on both left as well as right.

There are certain utilities available in a ViewSonic G Tablet which can be changed and new ones added. There is 16 GB of storage capacity available and it can be expanded with a microSD. It also includes wireless as well as Bluetooth feature. A webcam of 1.3 megapixel is also available on this tablet.

Browsing the internet and setting up of an application on a ViewSonic G Tablet is not as expected. A lot of applications do not function properly and cannot even be downloaded. There is no Flash support present because of which websites like YouTube are unable to function. Videos on this device open up very easily and are of excellent quality.

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