Vizio XWR100 dual-band wireless router

If you are looking for a user friendly web interface Vizio XWR100 dual-band wireless router would be a good choice as it is an accessory that is specifically designed for home based applications.

There are many people who think that the Vizio XWR100 dual-band wireless router has limited usage as it is compatible only with all Vizio home entertainment devices but they would pleasantly surprised as this device will meet all their wireless networking needs efficiently.

This device comes with some of the state of the art features when it comes to dual band and USB external hard drives. This is a very convenient design that has aesthetic contours and can easily be the cynosure of all eyes.

But just the way everything has a good side and a bad, the Vizio XWR100 dual-band wireless router appears to be lacking when it comes to supporting gigabit Ethernet.

Moreover may users have stated that when they dry to write to external hard drives formatted in NTFS file system they are not able to do it as the network storage lacks the capabilities? The web interface cannot be customized a chording to the users preferences.

The bottom line is that although Vizio XWR100 dual-band wireless router Appears to be lacking in certain zones, it is still the most preferred wireless router for home entertainment devices that are of Vizio brand.

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