Voomote iPhone Case

Zero1 has launched a Voomote iPhone Case for the iphone and iPod touch devices. It can be connected through a dock connector and features an IR transmitter on the upper surface. For this device to function properly, a free Voomote application has to be downloaded.

This voomote application includes the codes for many of the IR based devices. When an iPhone or iPod touch is put in the Voomote iPhone Case then with the help of the application present almost all the products can be controlled from the selected database.

If the above does not function well, then the Voomote iPhone Case may be taught certain commands with the assistance of old remotes. There is also a feature for macro settings and also multiple remote setups according to the room.

Zero1 company has priced Voomote iPhone Case to be of sixty nine euros. It will be made available for sale in the first quarter of 2011. It is still not known whether this device will be available for sale in United states or not as the price is mentioned in Euros. Those who are interested in this product may go to the company’s website to know more about the product.

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