Why are Maoists not referred as Terrorists?

Another village in the Jamui district of Bihar was attacked and 10 people were butchered to death while many others were left injured. Nearly the entire village has been burned down by Maoists. This is just about 2 days after the killing of 24 policemen in West Bengal and a week after the blasting of Howrah-line at the Narganjo railway station.

This was an openly declared attack by Moists, the internal rebellious group of India. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in 2006 that moists are “the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country.” The entire India media as well as western media is talking about this incident. But no one refers the word “Terrorists” in this entire episode.

But have you observed an amazing fact? These Maoists are not referred as Terrorists. Isn’t the acts committed by them for the past decade in which several innocents have been killed called as Terrorism?

Oh yes! now i know why they are not called as Terrorists. First of all they are not Muslims and secondly the biased world media (you know who controls it) has exclusively kept this word “Terrorists” for only the Muslim rebel fighters (or for those who are not with America and its allies). Isn’t that so?

The other day someone said “Maoists are not called Terrorists because they have an agenda which the government is not fulfilling, hence they rebel against it”. That’s a good explanation to justify the killings. But how about the Mujahideen who are fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and many more places? They are fighting to free their land from the forces that occupied their homes. Isn’t that sensible enough reason to not label them terrorists and rather call them by their names like Hamas, Al-Qaida etc?

Amazing isn’t it? Someone enters your house forcefully and bullies over you, you try to rebel and fight back and in the end you are labeled as Terrorist. While on the other hand, Someone goes on attacking other houses (maoists, Naxalites etc), they are called by their Organization name! What a bunch of Hypocrites out there!

And lets not forget, We hear the entire version of the actions of Muslim Mujahideen from the Media controlled by America and its allies. Who knows we are being fooled? Give it a thought!


  1. very rightly said. we r really living in a very awkward situation.

  2. What u r saying is absolutely right
    Muslims are facing more problems since sep 11 attacks.

  3. how ironic that our ‘secular’ country has been dominated by the RSS cult for more than half a century now since independence . It had to be the recent 26/11 that finally awoke us to the word ‘terrorism.’


  4. I don’t believe in religion or god as it segments people. Though Maoist are recognised as a terrorist organisation by Indian constitution. They are not referred as terrorist in Media. That’s hypocrisy.

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