Why did colonists come to America

The answer to the question, “why did colonists come to America” Encompasses the history on the United States of America.

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ustify;”>This starts from the time of the initial European settlement and this includes the history of the thirteen colonies in Britain as they declared their independence in the year 1776.

Why did colonist come to America includes the many early attempts by the colonists from England that ended in failure, but it also lead to the formation of many successful colonies.

The European immigrants who came to America were from diverse social and religious groups.

The people who settled in the colonies were not aristocrats included many adventurers, soldier, farmers and tradesmen.

If you want to know why colonist came to America, the main reason was that America was the land of opportunity with thriving economy that provided the free freedom and tolerance.

Therefore there were a number of colonists who came to America so that they could build their own colonies with distinctive social, religious, political and economic styles.

There were spans colonies including Florida, New Mexico and California.

There were the new Netherlands immigrants and New Sweden immigrants who came to America and formed colonies.

The New France, and Russian colonies followed by the colonies formed by the English.

New England was formed and comprised if the separatist, puritans and Dominion of New England.

The lower south colonies were formed by the immigrants from Carolinas, Georgia and east and west Florida.

The British colonial government also formed the provincial, proprietary and charter colonies.

The colonial life mainly comprised of New England that brought with it farm life, town life, culture and educational and religion.

The mid Atlantic colonies included the daily chores and other activities, daring and seaports in the colonial America and this explains why the colonists came to America.

The southern colonies mainly comprised of the salves.

If you want to learn in detail why did colonists come to America you can refer to various books on history that are easily available on the internet.

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