Why did puritans come to America

Why did puritans come to America, deals with the uprooting and consequent immigration of the puritans to America?

Puritanism emerged in the second half of the sixteenth century and it was in response to a demand for changes within the churches in England at that time.

They believed that the English churches needed to be purified so that they resemble the early churches.

These critics or reformers were referred to as the puritans. In America there was demand for spiritual wisdom during the time of crisis as the past year had unnerved the residents in Boston.

Newspapers and letters from aboard had soared rumors of war on the northern frontier.

If you want to know why did Puritans come to America, you have to understand that at the time when the puritans fled to America there were trade imbalances, piracy bad crew and navigation regulations that has been issued by London and stifled commerce.

The crown in London had established a royal dominance that was administered by an appointed governor whose Anglican practices and courtly style betrayed long standing customs in London and this was a major reason that explains why did puritans come to America.

It was sum total of these conditions that explains why did puritans come to America.

According to historical figures around eighty thousand puritans fled from England during the 1629 and 1640 and among them around twenty thousand went to the Massachusetts Bay colony.

The rest of the puritans fled to other countries like Ireland and West Indies.

A majority of the immigrants were educated and therefore they could pay for their passage most of them could sign their names and the women were educated too. S

ome of the puritans were servants who could not afford to pay for their passage into America and worked as salves for a period of time.

Understanding why puritans did come to America, will show you that the puritans brought with them value for education, religion and respect for the elderly.

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