Why did the Europeans come to America

If you want an answer to the question why did the Europeans come to America, you must refer to the famous speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt as he said”

Remember….always that all of us and you and I especially are descended from immigrants “This was a strong statement made by the president of America.

This explain why did the European come to America in the year 1565 at St. Augustine Florida and since then America has been known as a nation of immigrants.

It is important to determine why did the Europeans came to America when they were sure that there was a huge difference in time, distance, culture, religion and language.

These factors had a major impact on the immigration experience. But in spite of this common heritage and relation with immigrants, America has always had an ambivalent attitude towards the Immigrants.

The Founding a father of the new world refer to this world as an Asylum for anyone in this old who is seeking equality of opportunity and freedom from tyranny.

These are the factors that truly describe why did the Europeans came to America.

In fact every European immigrant did cast off his European skin and become an American.

Although this statement lured the Europeans and this explains why did the Europeans come to America but shedding off the European skin was not at the top of their agenda.

The immigrant’s wee feeling from political and religious tyranny, poverty and famine that was prevalent in Europe.

Most of the European immigrants who came to America were looking for work so that they could support their families back home.

With the passage of time there were many more Europeans who came to America as they were strongly lured by the freedom and economic securities.

These were the factors that became the incentives that drew a large number of Europeans to adopt the American culture and life style.

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