YikeBike Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

YikeBike Carbon Fiber Electric Bike is a light weight bike which is powered by electricity and purchased for three thousand and six hundred dollars. It is made up of a carbon fiber body.

YikeBike Carbon Fiber Electric Bike is very compact in size and functions at 14 miles per hour for a distance of 6.2 miles after charging it one time. The main advantage of having this bike is that one can avoid traffic jams and hence save on time and reach their destination quickly.

In case one has to travel for more than 6.2 miles on a YikeBike Carbon Fiber Electric Bike, then they should plan on hooking a carrying strap after folding the wheels together and then folding appendages.

YikeBike Carbon Fiber Electric Bike has a weight of 22 lbs and powerful LED lights for assisting in travel even in the evenings for having a safe journey. It has one flipside that this bike is specifically made for those who are of certain specifications and those who are either shorter than 5’4″ inches and taller than 6’4″ may not be able to enjoy this ride. However this ride is a little pricey and is not easily affordable.

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